First Day Checklist

Enrollment Paperwork

All Enrollment Paperwork must be completed on or before the first day of enrollment.
Forms that must be completed:
1. Brightwheel Enrollment Information that includes Emergency Contact Information
2. Healthcare Physicians Statement
3. Updated Immunization Records (all children must be current or have an exemption affidavit from the Health Department)
4. CACFP - Food Program Paperwork

Extra Clothes

We recommend all children have at least 1 change of clothes to be left at the center and replaced as needed.
We recommend that Potty Training Children have at least 2-3 extra sets of clothes to be left at the center.

Diapers & Pull-Ups

Please bring enough diapers to get your child through at least one week of childcare. Usually children go through 4-5 diapers each day while in our care. We typically change diapers about every two hours unless the child needs to be changed in between the scheduled diaper changes. You may also bring a large package and the teacher will update you when your child needs more to be brought to the center.
If your child is wearing pull ups for potty training, we require the pull-ups with the velcro tabs to prevent having to completely undress the child during diaper changes. Remember we change many diapers/pull ups each day and try to make the process as easy as possible.

Bottles & Pacifiers

Please bring enough bottles for your child's entire day of feedings to be left at the center. We recommend 3-4 depending on how many times per day your little one typically eats. We do wash and sanitize all bottles after each use but sometimes we do not have time to wash and sanitize in between feedings so it is very important to have enough for the entire day.
If your little one takes a pacifier please make sure that we have one left at the center.